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The company "Kainar - AKB" is a domestic manufacturer of storage batteries, and it is in the Register of domestic commodity producers of "Samruk-Kazyna" Holding Company, and is also a member of the International Union of Battery Battery Manufacturers "Interbat". To date, LLP "Kainar-AKB" is an enterprise firmly on its feet, with a developed economy and a full production of batteries.


The latter means that all components of the batteries are produced at the plant - from casting parts and components, to assembling finished products. Due to this, we can minimize the cost of their production, and therefore the prices for which we offer our products are minimal. This is one of many advantages that distinguish the plant's products when compared with similar products.

The use of new technologies, high-quality materials and special additives for active masses makes it possible to produce rechargeable batteries that strictly meet the stringent requirements of the market, and also guarantees excellent performance and allows increasing the range of products.


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