Warranties for car batteries

232All our batteries are warranted by the manufacturer. The warranty period of operation of car batteries is 12 months from the date of sale. When observing the rules of battery operation and the electrical equipment of the car, the manufacturer guarantees normal operation of the car battery during the whole warranty period and more.

The warranty period of the car battery is calculated from the date of sale, which is indicated in the warranty card or the invoice. If during the warranty period the car battery fails, the buyer delivers the defective car battery in its pure form, without draining the electrolyte and without violating the integrity of the manufacturer's marking to determine the cause of the failure.

If a technological defect is discovered that is not associated with a violation of the rules of operation, the authorized service center undertakes to repair the car battery free of charge, and in case of non-maintainability, its replacement. Issues of defecting, replacing or removing an auto battery from warranty service in case of violation of the operation rules are solved only by specialists authorized by the manufacturer.

In case of dispute, the manufacturer reserves the right to examine the battery in order to identify the cause of the malfunction. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by negligent and unskilled handling of the battery. Discharged batteries and failures due to discharge cannot be recognized as technological defects.

The warranty does not apply to car batteries:

  • Absence or damage to the warranty coupon or seller's invoice.
  • Violation of the integrity of the manufacturer's marking on the battery.
  • Mechanical damage to the battery case, deformation or melting of leads.
  • Explosion of the car battery in the absence of breakage of the internal electrical circuit.
  • Presentation of a car battery with a drained electrolyte.
  • The charging voltage in the vehicle's electrical circuit is different from the permissible one.
  • Use of a car battery not for its intended purpose or wrong choice of battery for this vehicle
  • Use the battery on a car with defective electrical equipment.
  • Storage and operation of batteries with NDC <12.4 V
  • The drop in the density of the electrolyte due to the discharge of the battery is less than 1.23 g/cm3 in 3 or more cells
  • Freezing of the electrolyte due to the discharge of the battery in the cold season.
  • Use of the battery in violation of the instruction manual.
  • The color of the electrolyte in all banks of the car battery is dark brown or gray-steel.
  • Installation of not regular traffic jams
  • The marking on the battery does not correspond to the information specified in the warranty card


Attention! In order to receive free warranty service, please keep the warranty card or the invoice for the entire warranty period. If you lose or damage the warranty card, the warranty card is not restored.