Production technologies

Assembling batteries

56497d4a64c75The assembly line was introduced at the plant - the last modification of the assembly complex, for batteries with a capacity of 45 to 230 Ah developed by the Austrian company “BM” - the leader in the production of assembly equipment. The accumulator batteries are assembled in automatic mode. During the work of the line, the personnel perform only general control over the operation of the units and mechanisms, the supply of component parts to special stores.


Production of lead strip

56499312647b5Positive and negative grids of batteries are obtained by the technology of expansion of lead-calcium strip. The strip is produced by repeated rolling on the equipment "Strip Line" of “Sovema” (Italy) and its subsequent perforation “Exmet technology” and on the line for casting and expanding the strip of “Battery Technology Solutions Inc.” (Canada). The Ca/Ca technology ensures high corrosion resistance and low self-discharge rate, which guarantees the battery reliability and durability.





The production of electrode plates of batteries is carried out on the automated line “Sovema” (Italy) and on the line “Battery Technology Solutions Inc.” (Canada). Preparation of lead paste (active mass) is made in mixers by an automatic preset program, where mixing is strictly fixed.

The company “Kainar” repeatedly proved the high quality of its products, which was confirmed both by experts and consumers, including not only drivers of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but also leading car factories of CIS countries.

The release of products using modern equipment and modern technology of Sa/Ca and Ca/Se with minimal self-discharge makes it possible to produce maintenance-free batteries of the latest generation “Bars Gold” and “Bars Silver”. It is for this technology that the batteries Warta, Exide, Huassa are made.

With the acquisition of equipment for stationary batteries, industrial batteries will be developed.