Environmentally friendly battery recycling

56271211e5faeThe factory "Kainar" is equipped with the newest equipment for processing batteries of the former use.

Within the framework of the project "Ecologically clean city", a large-scale reclamation project was implemented on the territory of the plant. Automated equipment line by breakdown of battery cells with fractionation: metallized lead; paste; polypropylene. Neutralization of electrolyte, which was designed and installed by the leading company “Engitec Technologies LTD” (Italy).

This technology for the recycling of used batteries is the first unique project in Kazakhstan, which allows:

  1. To carry out environmentally safe processing of used batteries using the newest innovative technologies, dividing them into fractions, 1) To withdraw from the environmental turnover a significant number of lead-containing compounds counted in the amount of tens of thousands of tons that enter the environment when batteries are recycling;
  2. Obtain from the obtained fractions commodity products: lead and plastic, which are further used for the production of finished products.
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