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img-4308The construction of the Taldykorgan battery plant began in 1970, and in January 1975 the first battery, 6ST-75EM, was produced. In a short time, serial production of accumulator batteries in a wide range was launched. The Taldykorgan lead-acid battery plant was one of five battery manufacturers in the USSR.

The company "Kainar - AKB" is a domestic manufacturer of storage batteries, and it is in the Register of domestic commodity producers of "Samruk-Kazyna" Holding Company, and is also a member of the International Union of Battery Manufacturers "Interbat". To date, LLP "Kainar-AKB" is an enterprise firmly on its feet, with a developed economy and a complete production of batteries. The latter means that all components of the batteries are produced at the plant - from casting parts and components, to assembling finished products. Due to this, we can minimize the cost of their production, and therefore the prices for which we offer our products are minimal. This is one of many advantages that distinguish the plant's products when compared with similar products. In 2007-2008 the main production processes were modernized, a complete replacement of communications and equipment in all workshops and sectors was carried out.

The batteries are produced on new equipment that meets all international standards, which had a significant impact on the quality of products, increased production capacity, reduced raw material costs. The equipment was purchased from the most advanced manufacturers in the world: «Sovema» (Italy), «Engitec Technologies LTD» (Italy), «MAC» (USA), «Digatron» (USA), «Kustan2 (Germany), «Teccominko», «BTS» (Canada), «BM» (Austria), «Sanhuan» and «Haitian» (China). The process of production of lead-acid batteries was also improved. Modern technologies are used, starting with regeneration (the newest modern workshop for recycling spent lead-acid batteries using advanced European technology has been built and put into operation) of battery scrap, its processing in electrothermal furnaces and deep purification of lead, followed by the production of low antimonous, selenium, calcium alloys and ultimately, the release of new generation batteries.

The use of new technologies, high-quality materials and special additives for active masses makes it possible to produce rechargeable batteries that strictly meet the stringent requirements of the market, and also guarantees excellent performance and allows increasing the range of products. Work to increase competitiveness and increase exports has been an ongoing process for the «Kainar-AKB» Company. All produced batteries pass quality control in accordance with the Kazakhstan Standard (ST - CZ) and the Russian Standard (PCT), which results in the output of products meeting the highest requirements and expectations of the consumer.

The main sales markets of the «Kainar-AKB» Company products are the CIS countries and foreign countries: Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, China, the UAE and Kazakhstan.

All of the above contributed to the accumulation of huge technical, intellectual and human resources. Highly qualified specialists. Working at the enterprise, they constantly monitor the quality of the products, and also strive to improve the existing batteries.

We give a guarantee for our products, which meets the world standards and specific requirements of customers.